Week of Feb 24th (So close)

It seems that while I was patting myself on the back for getting back on the horse as far as blogging my progress is concerned, I also totally forgot to write a “week in review” post last week. So, I’ll cover that here:

  • Monday was Teaching With Technology Day over at Newnham campus, so we went over there and gave a rather successful workshop on how the teachers and other faculty present could use BBB for themselves. Also, from what I’ve seen, Newnham campus is really, really cool.
  • Tuesday, I tweaked the shortcut key system to allow for the entire keyboard to be used not only in the global scope, but again in each module. So now you can link P to a global function and still use it again inside a module. Then I put in the first Polling shortcut, to “click” the menu button and open the menu, and discovered a weird multiple-menu bug.
  • Wednesday, I solved the bug from Tuesday and discovered another one: opening the menu via the shortcut didn’t update the menu contents correctly. I spent the day wrestling with it, and Thursday as well.
  • Friday, I solved the bug from Wednesday and found another small one. I wrote a blog about it at the time, but didn’t write many details in the notes that I’m basing this post right now off of. So, have a look at Friday’s post.
  • Saturday, I sat down and wrote some long-awaited documentation on how to put accessibility into new BigBlueButton code from the ground up. I had to stop close to the end and leave the rest for Sunday, as a friend from Holland was visiting and a bunch of us were taking him out to dinner. I finished the documentation on Sunday, and now it’s on the CDOT and BBB wikis.

So, that was last week in a nutshell! Sorry it’s late, Fardad.

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